GW students with an interest in African affairs can choose from a wide and expanding roster of courses offered by the Elliott School and other departments and disciplines across the university.

We have compiled a list of Africa-focused courses offered in the 2019-2020 academic year both at the graduate and undergraduate level within the Elliott School of International Affairs and across GW. The full roster of GW course listings can be found via the GW Office of the Registrar here.
All official course offerings should be confirmed on the course bulletin and with your academic advisor. For questions about Academic Programs, please contact

If you have suggestions for future course offerings on Africa, we want to hear from you! Please email with your recommendations. Thank you!

Fall 2020 Update

All undergraduate courses, with exceptions for specialized programs requiring in-person instruction, will be held online for the fall 2020 semester. GW will provide on-campus housing for a limited number of undergraduate students who have extenuating personal or academic circumstances. Residential students will attend courses online and will be expected to comply with public health and safety measures including social distancing, mask wearing and regular testing for COVID-19. Additionally, most graduate programs will be conducted online, with certain programs holding discipline-specific in-person classes.

Please continue to monitor our resources for updates and information and learn more about how the Federal CARES Act funding was distributed to our students.


  • IAFF 2093 Africa: Problems and Prospects
  • IAFF 2190w North Africa and the World
  • IAFF 3189 Africa Declassified – *not offered in 2021
  • IAFF 3189 African Literature & Politics
  • IAFF 3189 Ethnic & Religious Conflict in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 HipHop & Social Change in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 International Relations in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 Land, Livelihood, and Conflict in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 Security Challenges in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa
  • IAFF 3189 West African Film & Literature – *new course
  • IAFF 3189 Women & Leadership in Africa
  • IAFF 3190 The UN and Global Security – *new course
  • AFST 1001 Intro: Africana Studies
  • ANTH 3708 Anthropology of Africa
  • ANTH 3801 African Roots from Australopithecus to Zimbabwe
  • ECON 2198 Economics of Africa
  • GEOG 3154 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
  • GEOG 3164 The Geography of Africa
  • HIST 2520 Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World
  • HIST 2301 African Americans and Africa
  • HIST 2305W Africans in America
  • HIST 3001w Comparative Colonialism Asia/Africa
  • HIST 3501 African History Since 1800
  • HIST 3510 Africa History to 1800
  • HIST 3540 West Africa to Independence
  • HIST 3530 Women in Africa
  • PSC 2381 Comparative Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PSC 2381 Comp/Intl. Pol: Mid & Southern Africa
  • PSC 2482 African International Politics
  • PSC 3192W Government and Politics of Africa


  • IAFF 6118 U.S. Policy Towards Africa
  • IAFF 6118 Africa in International Relations
  • IAFF 6118 Gender, Peace & Security in Africa
  • IAFF 6118 International Relations in Africa
  • IAFF 6118 Security Challenges in Africa
  • IAFF 6118 Women and Leadership in Africa (summer)
  • IAFF 6138 Humanitarian Action in Conflict – *new course
  • IAFF 6186 Peace and Conflict in Africa (summer)
  • IAFF 6385 Power, Politics and Development in Africa
  • IAFF 6385 Rising China in Africa
  • IAFF 6385 Transnational Threats in Africa

Options Outside the Elliott School

  • ANTH 6891 Africa Arch: History & Theory
  • HIST 6501 Africa and its American Diaspora