Event Review: A Conversation with Former Congressman Dellums

On Tuesday, November 14, IAfS warmly welcomed former Congressman Ron Dellums to come speak to our students, faculty and guests about how to stay engaged in positive, social activism. The discussion and Q&A was moderated by the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs & Special Initiatives, Jennifer Brinkerhoff.

By sharing his own experiences and challenges he himself faced over the course of his political career, Mr. Dellums reminded attendees not to encourage violence, but to instead reinforce humanity and our commonalities as humans in order to come together and foster peace.

Click Here to learn more about the Dellums Institute for Social Justice, which seeks to advance social justice in various cities where different peoples, histories, and ingenuity collide to enable great advancements for humanity. Unfortunately, these diverse cities also reflect today’s growing trends of racial and socio-economic inequality. The Institute thus fosters justice for people and communities across these cities.


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